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The year
1917 marks the birth of a man in Kureta-Mura, Japan who would profoundly influence the market not only of the country but also of the whole world.

The person referred to, of course, is Tadao Kashio who in 1923 moved to Tokyo due to the tragic Kanto earthquake and completed his engineering studies at Waseda Kosu Gakko.

In 1946 , at the age of 29, he founded the company "Cassio Seisakuzo" whose first product that was in mass demand was the Yubiwa pipe. It was a special ring which had a base on one side into which the cigarette was inserted and on the other a small mouth from which one could smoke with both hands practically free.


Due to the economic recession experienced by Japan after World War II and consequently the rise of cigarettes in the country, the product was a great financial success.

He and his three younger brothers, after noticing the first commercial presentation in Ginza in 1949 of electric calculators, used the capital they had made from the Yubiwa pipe and started building their own calculators.

The Yubiwa pipe

In 1954 , having first acquired expertise in the subject, Tadao created the first, in Japan, electro-mechanical calculator which used solenoid valves and was the size of a desk.

 Three years later, in June 1957 , " Casio Computer Co., Ltd. " was founded and in the same year introduced the Model 14-A, the world's first fully electronic calculator.

                                                      The 14-A model

  Since then, the company's motto " Creativity and contribution " has taken shape. The philosophy of the company, from its very first steps, has been the feeling of obligation to contribute to people what they need, always using creativity as a guide to find new innovative solutions.

The 80s found the company in a busy situation. In addition to its most famous calculators, CASIO also manufactured musical instruments but at the same time engaged in the industry that would bring them by far the most profits, wristwatches . Being one of the first companies in the world to deal with quartz technology in both analog and digital watches and manufacturing watches that are affordable, accessible to everyone but at the same time high quality and very durable, its name quickly became a legend.

Its interests and innovations, however, did not stop there as it engaged in the production of many other products such as digital cameras (the first mass-produced digital camera with an LCD screen belongs to CASIO), film cameras, portable video game consoles, portable televisions, portable computers and even her own android mobiles.

                            Cameras, mobile phones and musical instruments were some of the many occupations of CASIO.

In 1983 a new product line, particularly popular with the public, made its appearance. This is the G-Shock watch series with the station model DW-5000C . A line of watches that largely reflected what the company stood for for decades at affordable prices and built to withstand the rigors , G-Shock watches are still today among the most famous watches in the world for those looking for durability and reliability.

Today, after the death of Tadao in 1993 , with Kazuhiro Kashio taking over the reins, the company having won a place in the pantheon of giants of the world market in the field of watches, with many series such as CASIO EDIFICE or CASIO PROTREK has managed not only to maintain its share but also to expand it.

Now, after more than 50 years in watchmaking, CASIO has become synonymous with durability and reliability while always respecting the buying public with prices accessible to all. Japanese culture meets Western data in products with their own special personality.

CASIO headquarters in Japan.


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