Payment methods accepts the following payment methods:

a. Pay on delivery : You can pay the courier of our company who will deliver the product to you. Cash on delivery cost is free.

b. Payment with PayPal: PayPal is an online money transfer service. Used worldwide for secure Internet transactions. The company that operates it is the same as eBay, which is why most eBay sales are paid through PayPal.
Why PayPal is secure:
Because the only one who knows the details of our card is PayPal itself. The recipient receives only the money and NOT card numbers. All its pages are still encrypted, which means that no genius hacker can steal transaction information.

c. Credit card : You can simply pay for your order by credit card. After clicking "Order Confirmation" in the last stage of the purchase you can use the interface portal with the EveryPay where you can pay via credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro. Once the payment is confirmed, you will be transferred again to and your purchase will be completed. In this way, the security of your card details is ensured since ONLY the secure system of the bank will have access to them and not our company or any third party. accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro type credit cards.

d. Deposit in a bank account : You can pay for your order by depositing in one of the company's bank accounts. With this option you will see the cooperating banks and the corresponding company account numbers at the end of the order.

alpha bank

Account number : 137 00 2320 008404
IBAN: GR07 0140 1370 1370 0232 0008 404
Beneficiary : WWW.GOLDY.GR Ο.Ε



Account number : 0026.0073.16.0200901855
IBAN: GR4302600730000160200901855
Beneficiary : WWW.GOLDY.GR Ο.Ε



optima bank logo

Account number :  340 0429 0027 197
 IBAN : GR22 0340 0340 0340 0429 0027 197
Beneficiary :  WWW.GOLDY.GR Ο.Ε


ethniki trapeza

Account number :  15001062833
 IBAN : GR4301101500000015001062833
Beneficiary :  WWW.GOLDY.GR Ο.Ε