The truth is that for many decades the world of watchmaking consisted, in general, of the same mechanisms (see here about them ). There were of course innovations such as clock-calculators or sun-powered clocks. However, the last "revolution" in the magical world of watches goes back many years, in 1969, with the production of the first watch powered by a quartz battery.

Since then the space had remained relatively stable until the technological boom and advancement of smartphones brought smartwatches to the fore. Although there have been some isolated and not particularly commercial efforts in the past, smartwatches emerged as a true product that marries technology with watchmaking when Apple, in 2014, introduced the first Apple Watch.

Today, smartwatches are worn on many hands and the numbers are staggering! This is, of course, due to the fact that in addition to being a stylish piece of jewelry, a smartwatch has many extremely useful functions. For example, a smartwatch can tell you the time (obviously!), the weather , the temperature , find your cell phone, work as a GPS (via Google Maps), measure your blood pressure , the steps you've taken , the calories you have burned, show you notifications from incoming calls and messages, play music and much more. Hence the well-known saying "yes, but does it make coffee?" it's not too far from reality (especially if you have a bluetooth coffee maker).

At Goldy we have a particularly large collection of branded smartwatches and we present to you some of them:

To get you started, we suggest some affordable but great-featured options:

DAS-4 's SG04 offers many functions in a package affordable for everyone and with a beautiful design it deserves a place on the list.        

DAS-4 's 70056 has all the features one would ask for in a smartwatch, and the square dial-display makes it a very attractive choice.

The DAS-4 70001 has every function one would want from a smartwatch while the leather strap gives it a more classic and timeless style.

Brands such as Michael Kors , Fossil and Armani Exchange have many excellent proposals made of quality materials and many possibilities creating the unique jewelry-tool combination:

The MKT5086 is a unique jewel in every woman's hand with many smart functions guaranteed by the great house.

The Armani Exchange AXT1006 has all the functions of a smartwatch but at the same time maintains the timeless dial giving it a classic style that wins over even the most demanding.

MKT5089 is for jewelry lovers. "Dressed" with zirconia is a unique piece that will surely captivate the eyes.

ART3026 by Emporio Armani is an elegant, discreet but beautiful proposal that also has many smart functions.

The ART5010 is an ideal smartwatch. Made of excellent materials and equipped with every function, it will loosen your hands.

Minimalistic and well designed the FTW4025 is a contemporary yet timeless piece.

The Michael Kors MKT5102 with its wonderful deep blue color and its many functions such as GPS is one of the best proposals on the market. It also comes with a second strap to suit any time of day.

The Emporio Armani ART3004 with its hybrid design (smartwatch with a classic dial), its gorgeous color and the charming strap creates an irresistible watch.

It is true that the watch of the future is smart!! By maintaining the great know-how of watchmaking and "marrying" it with technology, a result is created that is a jewel and at the same time an everyday tool for both women and men. If you want to find the smartwatch that fits your style, find our entire collection here or you can find our Facebook page here .

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